Saturday, February 7, 2009

Why you should own a pressure cooker

My new pressure cooker is quickly climbing the ranks of my favorite-kitchen-gadget list. Here he is:

I couldn't find a larger picture - believe me, he's great! My mom gave him to me. She uses his older cousin for cooking everything. Potatoes, meat, soups, you name it, my mother puts it in a pressure cooker. I have made with this guy mostly legumes, in particular lentils, but also chicken soup when time was of the essence. It cuts the cooking time down by a lot. It's very useful for indian cookery and is mentioned in all of the indian cooking blogs I read. It's a money saver (especially if you receive it as a gift!) since buying dry beans or lentils is much cheaper than the canned version, plus you avoid having to take your cans to the recycle as often. Wait, you don't recycle your cans? Shame on you. Get out of here. In the time you spent reading this blog you could have recycled at least something.

1 comment:

  1. Yes! The essential Dal maker - and I still don't have one. I'm such a bad Nepalese housewife. Maybe because my grandma traumatized me with tales of how this nefarious contraption could go BOOM at any time. Stay away! Far away! Danger, danger!