Sunday, February 1, 2009

10 Reasons to own an Immersion Blender

My immersion blender is my favorite kitchen gadget - I don't think it matter which brand you get, they all seem to do about the same thing. Make mush. Doesn't sound that exciting? Oh, you have no idea.

  1. Homemade hummus. It's super easy and very delicious.
  2. Mango Dal. I loosely follow this recipe.
  3. Homemade baby food. No recipe needed. Take a bag of (frozen) organic vegetables, e.g. peas, carrots, spinach, cook in a little water until soft, and mash away. Freeze in ice cube trays. You can make many servings while only washing one pot and the bottom part of the stick blender.
  4. Lentil soup. I will post the recipe I use, I promise. Also, pumpkin soup, potato soup, mixed vegetable soup.
  5. Tofu Chocolate Mousse
  6. Gravy. I am very big on gravy and good at cooking it.
  7. Pesto. This is a project that I am still learning. Not perfect enough for posting yet - but that's not the blender's fault!
  8. Banana milk shake. This is total comfort food for me. Mash a banana, add 2 cups of milk, sugar, vanilla, amaretto, baileys, etc to taste, and blend away.
  9. Castor Oil. This laxative is used as a natural way to bring on labor, and it has worked for me! (Third time was a charm) A recipe to make drinking oil more delectable is posted here and involves a blender.
  10. Mashed potatoes. I know this is a personal preference but I love my potatoes 'gluey'. Which is how they turn out if you blend them. They get all shiny and so yummy!!

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