Sunday, February 1, 2009

Challenges for 2009

I better post this publicly very soon ... I have imposed some challenges on myself for this year. I will list them so you (the world) can hold me accountable:
  1. I will lose the baby weight
  2. I will ride the MS150 this June
  3. I will leave my mental comfort zone and try things I know I stink at
  4. I will learn to cook Indian food
  5. I will start college funds for the kids
  6. I will FINALLY set up a will, and all that other legal stuff parents really do need.
Maybe if I do all of the above, I will reward myself with some chickens? So far, 1/12 of the year has passed and I have made decent progress on ... all of them! We have joined a gym which is a fun time for our family, and a nice getaway for me on weeknights after bedtime. This covers #1 and #2. It also helps with #3, actually!
My mom gave me a pressure cooker for christmas, so I have been cooking lentils lately, and tackling #4. #5 is done, and an appointment was made to get on #6! So far so good, but I am a 'starter' personality and often don't finish well ... maybe that should be a challenge for another year.

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